Internet Programming

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Final Exam


Mid-term Exam

Midterm exam and Assignment 1 results

Mid-term exam format:

Mid-term exam results

Assignment 2 : Building a website of your choices



You and your group are asked to build a website of your preference, e.g. a library system, online book sales, etc.

Please look at this file for members of your group. If there is anything wrong please report to me as soon as possible. A few student names are colored in blue. Please check if you are in my class.


The website to be developed must satisfy the following requirements

Due date: Wednesday, 28 May 2008


You need to demonstrate your work on the due date at C6 laboratories

Assignment 1: Developing a MiniChat Application

Deadline extended to 10:00AM 16 April 2008


- This assignment is worth 10% of the module


You are asked to develop a MiniChat application as described in the lectures using Java. Students will work in pairs, one builds the server module, the other develops the client module.

An example MiniChat application can be downloaded here.

To load the code into eclipse, follow these steps:

Some slides on Java: JDBC, Swing, Event Handling and Java IO.


Due date: Extended to 10:00AM 16 April 2008


Lecture time

Lecture slides


Lab work

There are three lab groups for MT04LT03: Lab time:
Group Dates Session# Location
Group 1 Tuesday - 04/03/2008, 11/03/2008, 18/03/2008, 15/04/2008 and 06/05/2008 7, 8, 9 C6 (103 or 104)
Group 2 Wednesday - 05/03/2008, 12/03/2008, 19/03/2008, 16/04/2008 and 07/05/2008 7, 8, 9 C6 (103 or 104)
Group 3 Wednesday - 05/03/2008, 12/03/2008, 19/03/2008, 16/04/2008 and 07/05/2008 10, 11, 12 C6 (103 or 104)

Notes: There is on lecture on the week having lab work.

Lab materials:


  1. Computer Networks, A.S. Tanenbaum, Prentice-Hall, Edition 3.
  2. Unix network programming.
  3. Winsock Programming

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