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Nguyen Quang Hung

Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology
268 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Ward 14, Dist 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Resource Management on Cloud Computing:

I make this page as a bibliography on my working research. I am thankful all authors’ contributions. Please send me an email for any comments, thanks!

Current project (04/2012 - Present): HPCCloud (VNU-HCM Key Project, A.Prof. Dr. Thoai Nam)
Selected Publications:

  • Topic: Energy efficient resource management in High-Performance Computing (HPC) clouds.
  • SEMINAR: Day 1 (27-March-2014) at room 302B9, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. Address: 268 Ly Thuong Kiet, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Topic: Survey of energy-efficient scheduling of virtual machines in HPC Clouds
    Presenter: Nguyễn Quang Hùng

  • De tai TTTN/LVTN (Download here)

      The listed publications here are in peer-reviewed.

    1. Heuristics for Energy-aware VM Allocation in HPC Clouds, in Proc. of FDSE 2014 , ACCEPTED.
    2. Energy-Aware Lease Scheduling in Virtualized Data Centers, in Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on High Performance Scientific Computing, March 5-9, 2012, Hanoi, Vietnam, Editors: Bock, H.G., Hoang, X.P., Rannacher, R., Schlöder, J.P. (Eds.) [Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes - HPSC 2012. Online here] , ISBN 978-3-319-09062-7, 2014.
    3. Nguyen Quang-Hung, Le Thanh Tan, Chiem Thach Phat, and Nam Thoai, "A GPU-Based Enhanced Genetic Algorithm for Power-Aware Task Scheduling Problem in HPC Cloud," ICT-EurAsia’14, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 8407, 2014, pp 159-169. , ISBN: 978-3-642-55031-7 , DOI:10.1007/978-3-642-55032-4_16 , Springer Berlin Heidelberg Springer tells about this book

    4. Nguyen Quang-Hung, Duy Luong, Nam Thoai, Nguyen Thanh Son, "GPU-accelerated Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Scheduling of Virtual Machines in Cloud Data Centers," The proceedings of 8th SEATUC SYMPOSIUM 4-5 MARCH 2014, UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MALAYSIA (UTM), pp. [OS02] 41-44, 4-5 Mar. 2014. Editor: Prof. Dr. Hadi Nur. ISBN: 978-967-12214-1-9 [Download paper in PDF here] [Website SEATUC 2014]

    5. Nguyen Quang-Hung, Nam Thoai, Nguyen Thanh Son, "EPOBF: ENERGY EFFICIENT ALLOCATION OF VIRTUAL MACHINES IN HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING CLOUD," , in Proceeding of International Conference on Advanced Computing and Applications (ACOMP 2013), 2013, pp. 173-182.

    6. Nguyen Quang-Hung, Pham Dac Nien, Nguyen Hoai Nam, Nguyen Huynh Tuong, Nam Thoai, "A Genetic Algorithm for Power-Aware Virtual Machine Allocation in Private Cloud," ICT-EurAsia’13, vol. LNCS 7804, pp. 183–191, Feb. 2013. DOI:10.1007/978-3-642-36818-9_19 [ACM DL]] [Springer] Springer tells about this book

    7. Nguyen Quang-Hung, Nam Thoai, Nguyen Thanh Son, "Performance constraint and power-aware allocation for user requests in virtual computing lab," Journal of Science and Technology (Vietnam), vol. 49, 4A, no. Special on International Conference on Advanced Computing and Applications (ACOMP2011), pp. 383–392, 2011.

  • Grid Computing References:

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    IBM's Grid computing developers site
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