Professor Dr. Tru Hoang Cao




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Former PhD Students:
Nguyen Hoa (2008)
Nguyen Thanh Hien (2011)
Ngo Minh Vuong (2013)

Former Thesis Master's Students:

Nguyen Hoa (2003)
Nguyen Van Noi (2004)
Lu Anh Hoa (2004)
Phan Thi Thu Thao (2004)
Nguyen Thanh Phong (2005)
Huynh Tan Dat (2005)
Le Phu (2005)
Nguyen Thanh Hien (2005)
Le Duy Ngan (2005)
Vo Hoang Hai (2006)
Nguyen Thi Kieu Thanh Thuy (2006)
Nguyen Nam (2007)
Ho Nguyen Chanh Tam (2007)
Tran Lien Thang (2007)
Ngo Minh Vuong (2007)
Ho Xuan Nguyen (2007)
Le Canh Khanh (2008)
Cao Duy Truong (2008)
Duong Thi Thuy Van (2008)
Mai Hoang Anh (2009)
Tang My Thao (2009)
Mai Phuc Tien (2011)
Le Van Minh Tuan (2012)
Nguyen Van Tri (2012)
Ho Trung Dung (2012)
Nguyen Le Thanh Trung (2013)
Pham Minh Nghi (2013)
Phan Thi Huong (2013)
Ta Anh Tuan (2013)
Nguyen Kim Huyen (2014)
Huynh Minh Huy (2014)
Dong Thanh Duc (2014)
Bui Nguyen Tay Nguyen (2014)
Tran Quang Vinh (2014)
Truong Minh Long (2014)
Nguyen Khanh Thuan (2014)
Pham Minh Luan (2015)
Le Hoang Long (2015)
Luong Quang Tung (2015)
Nguyen Phuc Anh (2015)


Programming Languages - Paradigms, Theory, and Implementation
Automata Theory and Formal Languages
Introduction to Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence
Knowledge-Based Systems
Data Structures and Algorithms
Computational Structures
Information and Social Networks
Text and Web Analytics
Machine Learning

Published Textbooks:

Introduction to Computer Science (1992, in Vietnamese).
Principles of Programming Languages (1st ed. 1993, 2nd ed. 2004, in Vietnamese).
Artificial Intelligence = Algorithms + Intelligence (2008, in Vietnamese).

ABET Talks and Articles:

ABET: An Objective and Motivation for Renovating Science and Technology Programs (in Vietnamese).
Presentation at the 1st VNU-HCM Quality Assurance Conference (June 2007).
Article in VNU-HCM Magazine (July 2007).

Overview of ABET Accreditation (in Vietnamese).
Briefing for HCMUT Workshop on ABET (December 2008).

Tutorial on Scientific Writing and Presentation (October 2009). Revised