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I got my first degree, Engineer in Information Technology, from HCMC University of Technology (HCMUT) in December 1997 and had been working for the Faculty of Information Technology until March 2000. Then I was awarded a PhD scholarship from the Austrian Exchange Service (ÖAD) and had been studying at the Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing (FAW), University of Linz, until May 2003 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner and A.Prof. Dr. Josef Küng. My PhD research topic related to "semantic-based similarity searches in database systems". I received the PhD degree in Computer Science in May 2003.

Since August 2003, I moved to London to work for the School of Computing Science, Middlesex University as a senior  lecturer and Global campus link tutor between HCMUT and Middlesex University. I was affiliated with Business Information Systems (BIS) group at Hendon campus.

In October 2005 I returned home, and has been working at the Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering in HCMUT. Early in 2006, I did set up D-STAR Lab - Data SecuriTy Applied Research Lab - at the faculty. I was promoted to Associate Professor of Computer Science in 2010.

My research interests span database/information systems security & privacy, data management, and smart device security & applications. See my publication list here.