In recent years, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) has decided to seriously improve its education quality to international standards, and chosen ABET, apart from other accreditation standards such as AUN (ASEAN University Network), as an accreditation standard to follow.  Since 2008, with the initial help of Boeing, together with fund from the World Bank, the two bachelor programs in Computer Science and Computer Engineering of the university have been built towards ABET accreditation standards. In 2013, when the two programs had been thoroughly revised, the university requested ABET for official accreditation evaluation. The team from ABET came to visit the university in November 2013 to audit the two programs. The result has been announced recently that these two programs are fully accredited by ABET. These are the first two programs in Vietnam have even been accredited by ABET, and also among a few programs in ASEAN countries.


The success of the accreditation of these two programs in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, has shown that HCMUT is capable of organizing educational programs at American standards. As the programs are accredited by ABET, the graduates of these two programs are recognized by American businesses and industries. Following the success of the first two educational programs of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, the university is now pushing other programs towards ABET accreditation standards.


At national level, the success of HCMUT in pursuing ABET accreditation standards has made a good example for other universities in Vietnam. Building educational programs at international standards is possible, with careful preparation. This is a strong motivation for Vietnamese universities to reform their educational programs, and to produce better graduates to meet the demands of the country in the coming years. 


Programs accredited by ABET commissions

- Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science is accredited by Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.

- Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering is accreditated by Engineerin Accreditation Commission of ABET.