Welcome to the Department of Software Engineering (DSE)!


As part of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), DSE was established in 1989 in the recognizing the rapid growth in the Software Engineering area. 


DSE contributes to the success of the CSE faculty in teaching, research and collaborating with industrial partners. Upon graduation, our students are well prepared for a wide variety of career options as they have obtained a strong theoretical foundation in computer science and also necessary practical skills in software engineering. They have also possessed solid background for advanced degrees in Computer Science. Graduates of BEng degree may find a position as a software developer, bussiness analysist, technical lead, scientific programmer, systems programmer, or software engineer. Graduates of MEng and PhD degrees can definitely pursue their career paths in both academic and industry tracks.




Since its inception, DSE has grown in size and strength. Out current staff include 1 Associate Professor, 3 PhDs, 3 MEngs and 1 MSc. We currently supervise about 10 PhD candidates. Besides, the deparment maintains strong connection with prestigious invited lecturers.


DSE full list of academic staff is as follows:

A/Prof. Quan Thanh Tho (Head)

- Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep

- Dr. Bui Hoai Thang

- Dr. Le Lam Son

Mr. Nguyen Cao Tri, MSc. 

Mr. Nguyen Trung Truc, MEng.

- Mr. Le Dinh Thuan, MEng.

- Ms. Truong Thai Minh, MSc.


PhD Candidates joining DSE in academic and research acitvities

- Mr. Nguyen Thien Binh, MSc., PhD Candidate

Mr. Huynh Tan Khai, MEng., PhD Candidate

Mr. Nguyen Minh Hai, MEng., PhD Candidate

Ms. Le Ngoc Kim Khanh, MEng., PhD Candidate

- Mr. Ton Long Phuoc, MSc., PhD Candidate

- Ms. Truong Thai Minh, PhD Candidate

- Mr. Nguyen Trung Viet, PhD Candidate




Our courses are centered around the following topics. We systematically introduce active learning techniques to our classes.

- Project management
- Fundamentals of software engineering
- Software design
- Requirements engineering
- Software testing
- Conceptual modeling
- GUI design
- Verification
- Intelligent systems
- Object-oriented programming



In research, DSE has collaborated with many local and international organizations. The researchers working at DSE have published a variety of research papers in distinguished international conferences and journals.


Currently, there are two labs working in DCE

- Lab of Systems Analysis and VErification (SAVE), led by A.Prof Quan Thanh Tho. Major research areas include the following:

Formal methods to design, verify and secure computer-based systems

Improvement of programming productivity and performance

Education and practical tools to assist teaching and practicing programming and software engineering

- The Laboratory of Enterprise Software and Processes (ESP-Lab), led by Dr Le Lam Son, carries out research and perform teaching in software engineering for enterprises. In this lab, we take a rather broad view on enterprise-level software engineering where requirements engineering, enterprise architecture and business processes are equally important as design, code generation and the likes. Software in use today, especially at enterprise levels, needs to 

​- to leverage the rigor and formality of computer science in reasoning about software requirements and business processes;

- to introduce the flexibility and human-readability of the business world to the "technical" world of software design and implementation.