Information Systems Department
The Department of Information Systems is one among the core departments of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, which has been so far greatly expanded along with the school's history. With a devoted and professional team, our pleasure is to provide a friendly, modern and supportive teaching environment which consistently leads to a high proportion of our students gaining excellent degree results. Moreover, teaching is obvious not our sole target, the department is also focusing on intensive research, starting with D-STAR Lab formation that flexibly serves the various science demands of lecturers and talent students. In addition, the department initially takes part in many technology transfer projects as well as promotes both domestic and foreign cooperation. The department’s research combines our experience of creating sophisticated, challenging solutions for a wide range of difficult data-management problems such as data security, biometrics, database management, data mining, etc. with our in-depth knowledge of the formal aspects of algorithm design and methodologies for reliable implementations.



  • Information Systems Security
  • Distributed and Object-oriented Databases
  • Database Systems
  • Database Management Systems
  • Data Mining
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Electronic Commerce



Research Directions


  • Access Control Models
  • Database Security
  • Data Security and Privacy in Smart Devices
  • Biometric-Based Authentication and Cryptography
  • Security Visualization
  • Security and Privacy with Big Data
  • GIS Security
  • Security and Privacy in Location-Based Applications
  • Security Issues in Outsourced Databases Services
  • Privacy-Preserving Data Mining
  • Steganography and Watermarking
  • Security in E-Learning
  • Vanguard Mobile Applications for the Disabled
  • Big Data and Applications
  • Knowledge Discovery