Department of Computer Engineering is one of the five departments of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, HCMC University of Technology. The main missions of our department involve:


Application Research, which strongly focused on Embedded Systems, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Chip designs and applications on FPGA, ASIC devices.


Education and training activities in the field of computer engineering for both undergraduate and postgraduate degree (BSc, MSc and PhD).


Technology transfer and consultancy in computer engineering fields for universities, research institutes and enterprises.



DCE has three main research groups working in the fields of embedded systems, microprocessor; Chip designs & applications.


1. Embedded Systems & Microprocessor:


T-Engine is an embedded-device standard development platform specified by T-Engine Forum, an industry organization consisting of 500 corporations. In the HRSL, T-Engine/T-Kernel is the principle tool for training and developing application on the high embedded systems and real-time operating system (RTOS). Applications on T-Engine/T-Kernel include:


Library: JPEG Decoder, MP3 Decoder, MPEG2 Decoder, 2D Graphic System, 3D Graphic System, USB FAT File-System.


GUI Software: Image Viewer, Music Player, Games, File Explore, Paint Application.


Intelligent T-Engine Robot.


T-Engine Mobile.


Handwriting Recognition Application.


Developing several modules and algorithms for robot controlling.


Instructing several ROBOCON teams every year.


Hosting BKIT Car Rally – Microcontroller Programming Contest (


Powerline Communication, Home Automation, GPS, GSM, Wireless Sensor Network, RF and RF-ID, Display Driver, Internet Based Controlling Device.


2. Chip design and Applications:


Design Environment for Asynchronous Circuits Design (PAiD project). Design Methodologies & Framework for Asynchronous Circuits.


Reconfigurable Computing: TCP/IP Network security: NIDS (more detaisl in, Anti-virus; Bioinformatics; DSP…



Since its inception, DCE has grown in size and strength. DCE has currently 12 permanent research staffs including 3 PhDs, 7 Masters, 2 BEngs and 9 on-leave staffs with main knowledge background from computer and electronic engineering. DCE  full list of academic staff is as follows:


Dr. Tran Ngoc Thinh (Head)


Dr. Nguyen Thanh Son


Dr. Pham Hoang Anh


MSc. Nguyen Quoc Tuan


BEng. Nguyen Xuan Minh


MSc. Bui Van Hieu


MSc. Vo Tan Phuong


BEng. Phan Dinh The Duy


MSc. Nguyen Quang Huy


MSc. Tran Huy Vu


MSc. Tran Trung Hieu


MSc. Nguyen Thien Tin