Faculty BuildingThe Faculty originated from the Computing Department established in 1978 within the Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. It grew up and became a separated Computing Centre in 1985 and then Department of Computer Science in 1993. For a couple of years, the name of the faculty were Department of Information Technology. In 2007 it was restructured as Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, in response to the growing demand for human resources in the field that was seen to play a crucial role in the development of Vietnam towards the 21st century.

The Faculty’s mission is to provide the country, in particular the Southern part, with well-trained engineers and researchers in computer science and engineering working in industrial sectors as well as academic institutions. The Faculty takes all efforts to retain its rank as one of the top IT educators in the nation and to match others of developed countries in the region.

For teaching and administrative purposes, the Faculty is organised into the following five departments: