Dealing with traffic chaos is one of big challenges for developing countries such as Vietnam. This challenge is notoriously evidenced in major cities of the country. In Ho Chi Minh City - the largest, most populous city in Vietnam, traffic congestion has persisted for years and is getting much worse due to: a) ineffective public transportation, b) extremely high number of private bikes in use, c) more passenger cars and taxis than what the city can handle, d) transportation hubs (e.g. airport, coach stations) are urbanly located, e) urban flooding leading traffic jams. City dwellers keep struggling to commute as they find themselves spending a substantial amount of time trying to get out of unexpected traffic jams almost everyday. From the management and planning standpoint, we are in need of ICT-enabled solutions for visualizing traffic conditions and providing the road users with real-time routing options to get through traffic more effectively.


Microsoft Vietnam and a group of researchers and faculty members from the CSE Faculty, HCMC University of Tech have jointly initiated a project on mobile-based intelligent transportation systems (M-ITS). Microsoft has funded the pilot stage of this project financially and technologically (Microsoft Azure coupled with Bing Maps), resulting in algorithms and proof-of-concept prototype that collect data from smartphones carried by road users, determine the transportation means taken by the road users whose smartphones voluntarily report data and visualize said transportation means on an interactive map. On one hand, end-users are given necessary and useful information about the traffic state. On the other hand, the system provides services and utilities (e.g., traffic conditions, smart routing) for citizen to make sure that they make the best choice when joining the traffic. Architecturally, Azure is exploited for accommodating machine learning, hosting algorithms and data conditioning as server-side processing. Visualization is performed on the client side thanks to Bing Maps.


Under Microsoft’s CityNext and in line with the government of Ho Chi Minh City’s commitment toward smart cities, our M-ITS project has a lot of potential. Work currently underway to get ready for the next four stages of this project....


Our M-ITS video clip can be found here.





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Mobile phone-based Intelligent Transportation Systems (M-ITS) 
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Day 01/07/2019